"Väsby Rock Festival 2013"-Trailer online
June, 18th, 2013

Love.Might.Kill will play at the "Väsby Rock Festival" in Upplands Väsby, Schweden on August, 03rd. Along with Love.Might.Kill bands like Ten, H.E.A.T., Eclipse and last but not least U.D.O. will enter the festivalstages. U.D.O.s latest album "Steelhammer" was co-produced by Martin "Mattes" Pfeiffer (Redhead Audio Productions), who also co-produced "2 Big 2 Fail" along with Holger Thielbörger
(visit Mattes´ and Holgers brandnew REDHEAD AUDIO-website! You will like it!)

The "Väsby Rock Festival" is a highlight for all melodic-metalfans. Check out the recently released festivaltrailer below!

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